Surface technology and materials technology are my world.

About me

Over many years I have been responsible for international market development, delivering successful outcomes in many different applications and market sectors.

  • Boiler coating
  • WtE, incinerators, coal boiler, biomass boiler
  • Steel works
  • Paper mills and industry
  • Steam turbines, gas turbines
  • Manufacturing of welding and thermal spray materials: powder and wire
  • Surface coating
  • Thermal spraying all processes: HVOF, plasma, arc, flame, laser
  • Welding: overlay welding
  • Laser application coating
  • Materials for thermal spraying and welding
  • Metals, NF-metals, ceramics, plastic
  • Fibre and ceramic reinforced materials
  • Production surface coating, automation
  • Applications of coatings
  • High temperature corrosion
  • Production
  • R&D Projects: coatings for piston rods; corrosion protection within power plants; materials databases; fibre reinforced materials
  • Development of coatings as corrosion protection for thermal power plants
  • Co-initiator and conference organiser Freiberger Dampferzeugerkorrosion (conference on corrosion of WtE)
  • Over 40 lectures and publications