Track Record


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Coatings for steam turbines

Small series production: Shorten lead time and increase capacity.

  • Designing production cell with employees
  • Reorganisation of workflow
  • Adopt production steps accordingly
  • Improve the coating system
  • Re-design sand blasting, masking, cleaning

Efficiency improved by more than 40 percent and reduction of lead time by half; quality significantly improved; technical detailed innovations of the employees are awarded internally.

Coatings in thermal power plants

Development and market launch of the products coatings in thermal power plants.

  • Products: Coating by electrical arc process as an in-situ service
  • Development of coating materials and process
  • Transfer know-how to partners
  • Implementation in practice
  • Development of business plan and implementation

Technically proven know-how available; implementation in practice with partners; sales within a year of 0.5 million Euros; technically successful product.

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factory plant coal fired_266_grau-min-1

Product Boiler Coating

Implementation of product service “Boiler Coating” in Europe (B2B) in cooperation with regional offices.

  • Gathering of existing know-how: product definition (technology, advertising, brand)
  • Elaboration and implementation of a road map
  • Training of regional sales representatives, unified presentations sales support for key accounts
  • Standardised manufacturing processes and quality standards
  • Continuous control of implementation progress

Sales increase with earnings improvement: Market acceptance among customers; internal confidence in the product; on-site large-scale orders covered by employees from six European countries; sales > 5 million Euros.

Realignment Profit Center

After merging two locations realignment to stabilize sales.

  • Replacing lost orders: developing applications and defining products from them
  • Revising marketing and implementing sales measures
  • Develop and Support a unified corporate culture with intensive training
  • Introduce lean processes involving employees
  • Restructuring and streamlining manufacturing processes
  • Building relationship with local partners

Short-term sales stabilization and medium-term significant increase in sales (>150 percent) with margin growth.

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HVOF plant

Small mobile HVOF spray system for manual on-site coatings.

  • Very lightweight gun and simple controller for mobile use
  • Redesign of an existing gun, water cooled, weight about 0.5 kg
  • Testing and improvement with employees
  • Gas control unit and electrical controller each in size of a brief case
  • Adjustment of spray parameters and of powder

Light weight unit available; simple assembly and disassembly; increase efficiency by > 10 percent.

On-Site Coating

Increase efficiency in complex on-site (construction sites) projects with up to 16 employees.

  • Training employees by external moderator on lean processes
  • Introducing CIP working groups under the responsibility of the team
  • Employees implement the measures with their own budget
  • Positively accompanying many small changes over two years

Personnel deployment and work duration in on-site projects reduced by about 30 percent, production availability increases, project results improve significantly.

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