Overcoming borders


Adapting to changing environments and boundary conditions means quickly being able to develop new creative solutions. The decisive factor here is to establish cross-connections from different fields of knowledge, to exploit synergies and thus achieve a high ability to innovate – and thus to translate technical visions into marketable products.

In order to achieve this, it is crucial to involve employees in problem solving and decision-making in a responsible manner in order to actively promote performance. In this way, the motivation is strengthened and the goals are achieved together.

To this end, it is important to present problems in a structured way, to define goals according to the skills of the employees and to assign the respective tasks in such a way that solutions can be achieved.

For me, acting in a team-oriented way means sharing knowledge with each other, passing on information and working cooperatively together.

For me, change is only possible if I keep advancing into my personal border areas and get to know them in order to keep a clear head and remain able to act even in extreme situations. Because solutions must be feasible.